Basset Hound Temperament

basset hound temperamentBasset hounds have a lovely, distinctive look that captures the heart of anyone who gets to meet one. They have droopy dig faces with short legs, and they are sweet and playful. If you’re interested in owning one, it’s important to understand the basset hound temperament to know what you’re getting into.


General Personality

Basset hounds are known for being playful and very smart, and they are also known for having a generally upbeat basset hound temperament. They’re also extraordinarily independent. Sometimes, too independent for its own good. The dog seems to get into mischief a lot, but it’s usually harmless fun. Basset hounds seem to know how sweet they look when they wag their tail and give you their adorable puppy eyes, but remember that they’re just manipulating you to get out of trouble (and it usually works). Basset hounds are extremely sweet animals, if not the most obedient. They also love all walks of life. This doesn’t make them great at being watchdogs, but it makes them fantastic for bringing people over.



Basset hounds can be a little more difficult to train than other breeds. Basset hounds have a stubborn mindset, and they don’t always obey unless they have a reason to obey. They’re independent thinkers and frankly don’t care if they please you or not. It’s important to use reward-based techniques with plenty of treats and remain consistent throughout training. And patience is key. Finally, don’t expect your basset hound to come when called. Their independent minds will take over, and they will keep running after their subject of interest. They should always be on a leash or in a fenced yard, even after they are fully trained.


Energy Level

Basset hounds may appear small, but they are quite sturdy. They can grow to be as much as sixty pounds, and the breed is known for experiencing weight problems. This means that they require a substantial amount of exercise to stretch their little legs and keep the weight down. Be prepared to commit to multiple walks and daily playtime, especially if you’re in an apartment without much of a backyard for the dog to run around.


Social Interaction

Basset hounds are, without a doubt, social creatures who love to socialize with everything from dogs, cats, and humans. As hounds, they are used to working in groups with other animals to hunt. They are especially good with children. Their sturdy bodies can withstand all of the hugs and rough play that children bring. They also enjoy the noise and activity of multiple people and animals in the house. Basset hounds don’t like to be left alone.



One of the greatest headaches that come with being the owner of a basset hound is that it is prone to barking. A lot. The dog is very vocal, and it will inform you when something or someone new comes into the environment. It will also bark when it’s afraid, which often occurs every time it thunders outside. The most it will bark, though, is when it’s left alone for a long period of time. If you work long hours, you can assume your basset hound is barking while you’re gone. If you live in an apartment, this can be very tiresome for neighbors. Always have plenty of toys available for the dog, and it’s a good idea to take him for a long walk to tire him our before you leave for an extended period of time.

It’s important to remember that despite the typical basset hound temperament, each dog is an individual. They may have different personality traits based on their environment. However, you should still be prepared for independent, social creatures who love to make a lot of noise. After all, that is the typical basset hound temperament.

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